Monday, 20 May 2013

Another weekend with the Hubby

Primark belt £3.00
Primark dress £13.00
This weekend was a little different from the last one. We spent Friday afternoon/night at A & E as my Husband had an accident at work. He ended up puncturing his back and breaking two ribs. So I have been running around after him this weekend poor chap as he is in a lot of pain. 
Saturday afternoon arrived and he was up to date with his painkillers and he had lovely sport on the TV. I had a MASSIVE craving to go shopping. Not good when you’re on a “non spending spree”!!! I have been trying to watch my pennies as we have to pay for our holiday to France at the end of the month. I decided to go and just do a bit of window shopping... lethal!!! I was so setting myself up for a fall wasn't I. 
I tried to be good I really did, I restrained from buying many many beautiful things. I hate it when you tell yourself “NO”, you always see loads of things you love. I thought I was very good, I just bought a couple of things from Primark, which I keep telling myself “isn’t so bad”
Primark Grey Cardigan £4.50 Stripe scarf £3.00


  1. I hope your husband is feeling better today.
    That is a lovely scarf you have bought.

    1. Thank you, hopefully won't be too long before he starts to feel better xx

  2. Pretty Cardigan ... Yes that sure is putting yourself in temptations way ... How hubby is doing better.

    1. He is getting there slowly, it's going to take some time I think, thanks for asking xx


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