Thursday, 23 May 2013

Lazy hair days

I thought I would do a post on how I do my hair when it desperately needs washing and I really can't be bothered. I have had my Grandchildren today and needed something quick.
My hair takes ages to wash, even longer to dry, as it's so thick. Sometimes when I am leaving it with its natural curl, I go to bed with it damp and still wake up with it damp. My Mother would kill me for doing this "you'll catch pneumonia!!!!!" she used to say if you didn't dry your hair properly. I haven't yet luckily
This is how I do it, basically I just use 2 hair bands and a few grips. Here goes.......

I start with pulling my hair up to where you want the bun to sit. 
Then depending on how many times you loop your band to get a ponytail depends on how you do this next bit, I loop mine three times. So I loop my band round once then on the second loop I leave the ends of my hair still in, don't pull your hair fully through the band, then on the third loop I go over the loop of hair (hope that makes sense)
After this I am left with this mess. 
Then I take my second band and grab the (very) messy bun ( if you can call it a bun) and then loop the band over twice around the base, this gives you a sort of messy bun. 
Pull the bun and mold it to how you like it, I like them quite big as you can see. Now I just tuck in any annoying bits into the band I've just put round the base, I get quite a lot of these as my hair is layered. Add a few grips if you need them and hey presto.....a VERY messy type of bun for those "I cant be bothered" days
After looking at these pictures I seriously need to dye my hair, I've never taken a picture of the back of my head before, didn't realise how many grey hairs I had at the back, Damn that camera!!!


  1. Oh you make it look SO hair seems to hate being put up and falls down no matter what I do. Definitely going to try this though. Thanks for the tutorial! x

  2. I find it holds better with a bit of curl and definitely doesn't work on fresh washed hair xx

  3. I love this! I wish my hair was thicker but I'm growing it atm & can't wait to try this out! I've got the messy pony tail down to a tee now too! :) Ax


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