Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My car boot finds

These are the couple of things we picked up whilst going around a car boot on Saturday

First thing was this cute little dog basket for Liluu from a lovely old guy who had lost his dog of 17 years (so sad), it was a bargain it only cost us £4.00. At least if she does decided to chew it it hasn't cost a lot. I want to try and make a little plaque of some sort for the front of it and get something for the inside to make it all comfy for her.

Second thing we got was this poor battered side table. I have been after a little table to put a lamp on in my lounge for quite some time. This one is the perfect size. It was up for sale for £5.00 but my Husband got it down to £2.00 as it has a lot of marks on the top. I love the feet on it though.
It just need revamping now, not sure at this moment what exactly I'm going to do with it yet, but will maybe do an update when I do do something with it if anyone's interested in that?

Thirdly we found these two metal lamp base which when we got them home realised they are very similar metal to my ceiling light, so that was a bonus. Just need to get lampshades for them now. They only cost me £3.00 for the pair (one of cats having a stretch after sleeping all day away from the rain)

And the last thing we bought were these two plastic topiary balls. I've been after the ones with lights on but was reluctant to pay the prices I had seen them at, so these came in second place. I usually put baskets up at the front of my house but it is such a sun trap and everything seems to frazzle out there. I thought these were a good substitute for baskets, god knows what they will look like after the sun (shall I say IF we see anymore) has scorched them.
Will have to wait and see!!!


  1. Those plastic topiary balls looks fab!! They look realistic too :D x

    Gemma ♥ |

    1. I'm just hoping they will last the summer xx


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