Monday, 24 June 2013

Baby shower gift

On Sunday I was invited to a friends surprise baby shower unfortunately I couldn't actually make it as I had to be at another appointment. I decided instead of just going out and buying a cute little outfit instead I would try and be a bit more creative. This is what I made these for her out of this lot

First I made this which was 3 containers for storing snacks/baby food in.
First I stacked them together & put 3 pairs of socks inside each other alternating the colours. I finished them off by using napkins folded over to surround  the sock flower/tower.

Then I made these 3 little cakes using baby grows folded and rolled up. 
I also put napkins around these to finish them off and make them look a little bit more like a cake. Although saying that the overall outcome wasn't very cake like but I thought they still looked cute and a lot prettier than just wrapping up a couple of baby grows.

These are what they looked like finished
I just popped them into the bag with the pink tissue filling at the bottom.


  1. Great gift for the baby :)) I hope you enjoy you baby shower!

  2. this is such a cute gift :)

    leyla xx


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