Monday, 10 June 2013

Mini haul

Friday I went and had a little bit of retail therapy as it’s been a while as I've been on a “non spending spree”!!
Here are the couple of little purchases I made.
A couple of them were on my June wish list. 

First I wanted a nude/neutral little bag that I could wear with my nude shoes. It was SO difficult finding one that was a similar colour and also something that wasn't too formal. There are SO many shades of nude out there.
Scallop nude bag £12.00

Then I popped into Boots and picked up the Bourjois cream blush I have been after. This is my first cream blush in a long time the last one I had was years ago, I didn't get on with it very well it just didn't blend at all. But the formula is really nice on this one, can't wait to use it.
Bourjois Cream blush £6.99

Whilst in boots I went on the hunt for a mask. I don't use masks very often as they tend to dry my skin out. I opted for a clay one, it was only 99p so I thought I would give it a go. I don't like the peel off ones at all, they REALLY dry my skin out. While I was there I got pounced upon by one of the staff asking me what I was looking for and she then escorted my over to a skin care specialist that they had in store on that particular day. She asked me a whole lots of questions as to why I wanted a mask, I told her ultimately hydration but also because I just wanted to sit there for 10 minutes and do absolutely nothing!! She suggested I tried Eucerin aquaphor which was great for adding water to your skin, she gave me this sample to try. I will give it a go and see how it goes, it wasn't very expensive either it was only £13.50 for 40ml.
Eucerin aquaporin Moisturising Cream £13.50

Another little thing I picked up in boots was this little baby, I have been after this for some time.
Gucci Guilty Intense £43.00 - £75.00
All I can say is it smells AMAZING!!!!! I love it so much I've not stopped wearing it all weekend. Definitely my most favourite perfume ever!!!!

So apart from a couple of basic Primark t-shirts that was about it for my little shopping trip.....till next time

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