Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Few things I picked up yesterday

I went into Asda to get a few bits yesterday and picked these couple of things as I was passing through

George at Asda £12.00
This photo is very deceiving it is more of a plum type colour not the pink that it looks here. Not very summery I know but I liked the yoke on this, thought it was very pretty.

George at Asda £12.00

A pair of not very exciting Jeggings!!  everyone needs a pair of jeggings just to be comfortable in!!! (or maybe that's just me...he...he) These are just in a dark wash denim colour.

George at Asda £6.00

A basic vest style but in a nice vibrant orange daisy pattern, perfect for my holidays with a denim skirt and only £6.00

I also popped into Superdrug and picked up these few of bits

Face masks 99p each
A couple of face masks for this weekend. As are going away this weekend to the Cotswold with our very best friends. Just the four of us no kids, no dogs......great!!! We are staying in this cute little cottage, so me and my girlfriend have decided we are going to make us of the cottage on the Saturday afternoon and have cocktails and a pamper session. The men are included although they don't know it yet....he he, can't wait to get these face packs on them....he he

NYC 'Blue Sky' £1.79
NYC Nail polish in 'Blue Sky' I was attracted to this colour as I haven't got anything like this shade. I'm always so attracted to the pinks usually, I've got quite a few different pink shades now and wanted a bit of variety. After 3 years of having nail extensions I am SO out of practice at putting nail polish on my fingers,as you can tell by this picture, terrible job!!! Nice colour though.

St Moriz £2.99

I got this from Body Care
I've never EVER used a shall we say "proper" fake tan before, I suppose I've always felt a little nervous as I have quite pale skin. I use the gradual ones a lot and sometimes the ones that wash 
off afterwards but never a "proper" one. I decided on 
this one as it has had a lot of good reviews in the beauty 
world and its cheap, at least if I don't like it it hasn't cost a lot.
I must say I'm a little nervous about using it in case it 
streaks but I'm going to face my fear and give it a go.
(I got this from Body Care not Superdrug)

MUA eye shadow 'Pearl 22' £1.00 
I picked this shade as I like pale pink/peach eye shadows, just a little something to brighten my lid. This is a lovely colour, not too shimmery and blends quite nicely and it was only £1.00

So that's about it really, I will let you know how I get on with the fake tan.......


  1. I love the colour of your eye shadow

    1. It is very pretty and a bargain at only £1.00 xx


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