Thursday, 20 June 2013

Liluu operation update

Just a quick update on my little Liluu. She had her operation yesterday, we picked her up last night. She is feeling very sorry for herself. 
They have put one of those cones around her neck to stop her messing with her stitches but she is struggling with her coordination. She's constantly bumping into things. 
She slept all evening hence why I'm up at 5am. The only problem is she won't go to the toilet with this cone around her neck. She's the same when I take her out walking she won't go when she's on the lead she waits till she gets home. My Husband says it's because she is a lady and ladies don't do things like that in public.....he....he....
I will have to see how she goes I may have to take it for short breaks so she can go to the toilet otherwise that could cause other problems. Anyway apart from that she seems fine just sore and tired and very hungry with not eating most of the day yesterday.
So lots of chicken today and some nice fresh fish for lunch. Right back to coaxing her to go the toilet (in the rain!!!!)

Bye for now

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