Monday, 3 June 2013

Lip stain reviews

In the past I've tried quite a few lip stains, here are but a few of them that I still have floating around.....

This was awful!!! one of the worst, it literally felt like I was colouring my lips in with a felt tip pen. It was so drying, it was horrible and I only got a couple of uses out of it before it dried up. Don't know why it is still in my lipstick collection, time for a clear out I think!!. Not a nice product at all. 

I know this is not a lip stain but it is supposed to last 24 hours so its along the same lines. This is a little better than the other one but this is also horrible and drying, it just seemed to suck every bit of moisture out of my lips and I don't have much to begin with!!! The gloss that came with it is amazing though but I do have to constantly apply it otherwise my lips feel awful. It last quite a fair few hours but for me it wasn't 24 hours. Nice colour pigment though looks like lipstick initially. I have come to the conclusion that maybe Maybelline lip stains just aren't for me.

Although the staying power was pretty poor it didn't dry my lips out like the others. The gloss on this one is not very nice at all, it's very sticky so I use it with the Maybelline gloss end from the other one above. Lots of mix and matching going on!!! Love the colours on these and they fade all over instead of going patchy like the ones above.

 I LOVE this, it doesn't dry my lips at all. This was one of my monthly favourites last month and I've literally been wearing it none stop. I saw a blog post from fleur de force a while back reviewing them so I thought I'd give them a try as she said they were good, and yep she was right!! The shade I went for is Lolita. I'm usually a nude type of lip girl but thought I would give this shade a try. It's is SO nourishing and smells amazing. There is a bit of stickiness  but not as much as with the elf gloss, hate sticky gloss!!!. It lasts quite a long time as well probably longer than the Maybelline "24 HOUR"  one. For me it's the best lip stain I've found so far just wish they had a wider range of colours. Will definitely be purchasing more of these


  1. I need to get a new lip colour, but always end up making expensive mistakes! So will definitely have to give this one a try, recommendation is always the best idea!! xx

  2. I agree 99% of the time I go with recommendations and 98% of the time they turn out great. Hope you like it as much as I do xx


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