Thursday, 6 June 2013

Smashbox camera ready BB cream review

I bought this last month when I was on my "non spending spree", I only purchased the smaller one, the travel size as I wanted to see what it was like first. I like that Smashbox do a travel size version as it's a good way to sample something without spending too much money and ending up with something that you don't like. It was only £13.50 (normal size £27.00)

Smashbox Travel Size Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35

I like it but I don't think I love it, it's one of those "on the fence" products. Maybe in time it will change but at the moment I'm 50/50. It could be one of those products that you are either unsure of or hate then 6 months down the line you rediscover and fall in love with it. It's weird when that happens.....or maybe it's just me!!
It's not that it's a bad BB cream, I just think for me it feels a little heavy for a BB cream. Its somewhere in between foundation and BB cream in consistency. It doesn't feel too bad once it has sunk into the skin it's just the initial application I'm not keen on.

I usually use Dr Bart+ premium BBcream but the only problem with that is it leaves my skin quite pale looking, I think its because its SPF 40 which is good for summer but like I said far too pale.

I want to try the Dr Bart+ water fuse BB cream  but not sure what it's like may have to do a bit of research on it first. If anyone's tried it let me know what it's like.

I will probably use the Smashbox BB through the summer though as it doesn't make me look as washed out as the other and it still has an SPF of 35 which will be great for my holidays. It does even out your skin quite well to be fair, I've been using mine with my Garnier 5 second blur and the combination of the two seems to work for me. I did try it without the primer but hated it, it was even thicker, I struggled to apply it.
It tells you to moisturise before applying if you got dry skin which I always do anyway and it is supposed to hydrate your skin but I certainly haven't noticed anymore hydration happening.
It also claims to control oil, I cannot comment on this as I have dry skin. For oilier skin they say all you need is the BB cream, no moisturiser.

But all in all would I purchase this again.......

I probably would just for the fact that it's a perfect size for holidays and it's got a SPF 35

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