Monday, 29 July 2013

Beauty salon stop

This weekend I went to my usually beauty salon to get my legs waxed.

I am virtually a waxing virgin!!! I never really fancied putting myself through unnecessary pain.

I've tried the terrible home ones before but only done about two strips (maximum) as it hurt like hell. So I decided for my holiday I would grit my teeth and try a leg wax at a salon.

Well all I can say is it still hurt like hell!!!! Even though I've had 3 children this still pained me....he....he.... It was a lot easier someone else doing it though instead of me. It didn't take very long at all and I didn't get a rash straight afterwards. That happened much later on the evening. All afternoon I had a weird tickling sensation all over my legs then after this came the rash. I looked like I had a bad case of measles!!! Fortunately it had gone by Sunday morning.
Will I have it done again? I ask myself...... I'm not sure yet I'm going to see how long it is before I get regrowth. Plus I didn't like having to grow them before hand, that proved difficult in the warm weather, not being able to wear skirt etc because of my monster legs. So will just have to wait and see.

I also had my eyelashes tinted for my holidays (as I always do) as they are very fair and it saves wearing waterproof mascara (which I hate!!!). I love having them done maybe it's just me but I find it relaxing and I love the result, makes such a difference.

So now I'm pool tidy and raring to go......bring on the sun.......

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  1. Waxing doesn't bother me Gail - I'd rather have my legs waxed than eyelashes tinted - don't like anyone fiddling around my eyes - funny isn't it? Recently had a course of IPL for the old hair removal and that hurt more than anything I've had waxed! xx

    1. Oooo I can imagine it did. I think I'm just a bit of a wimp...he...he...
      Having my lashes tinted doesn't bother me yet the thought of laser surgery on my eyes freaks me out big style xx


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