Monday, 8 July 2013

Family day at the beach

What a beautiful weekend it has been!!!

Saturday we took our Grandchildren to the beach but we had to go to one where we could take dogs (couldn't leave my little Liluu out of the road trip). We ended up going to Brean which is in Somerset between Burnham on Sea and Weston super mare, it's not the best place I've ever been but at least you can take the dog on the beach.

So I packed a picnic and off we went with my son and his girlfriend, my youngest son and Ted (their dog) following in the car behind.
We took my daughter and my two grandchildren in our car. My eldest Granddaughter Millie is only 4 and we had only gone about two miles from home and she asked if we were there yet......he.....he....brought back a lot of memories, it's so difficult trying to explain distance to a 4 year old!!!! All the way there she kept saying it wasn't fair as she couldn't see the sea.

The dogs loved the beach though, quite a bit of it got consumed along with a pile of seaweed!!

We spent a good few hours there the weather was beautiful.
Although we decided to try and walk out to the sea but didn't actually get there as it got a bit messy!!!

After our messy adventure we drove into Weston super mare and took a stroll along the sea front to get some fish and chips. I haven't been to Weston in years and to be honest it hadn't changed a bit, still nothing there apart from a pier!!!

En route we had a little donkey ride detour which the kids loved.

Very tired pooch who had to be carried, such a Daddys girl...he...he

Even though Weston is not my favourite place it was a lovely day having all my family with me, couldn't of asked for a better day

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend too


  1. Ah, just to be by the sea in this weather is so nice....and having your lovely family, dogs and all looked so much fun! You can't beat the great British seaside....donkeys, fish and chips and mud! xx

    1. It was a fantasic day us being all together xx


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