Monday, 22 July 2013

Last of the holiday shopping

I was sorting through my holiday wardrobe and decided I needed a new Tankini. I don't do bikinis anymore. It would scare small children if I did....he.....he..... and embarrass my own children....he....he....
So this is the one I went for in the end

I tried on SO many it was ridiculous!!! If it's one thing I hate shopping for  its swimwear. This was the only one I liked the fit of. Why is it the sizes vary SO much in swimwear? I spent forever in the changing room!!!
This one was reduced in Debenhams to £20.80 for the top and £10.80 for the bottoms
Anyway glad that's all over now!!! 

Then I was on a mission to find a lemon top to go with my floral jeggings that my Sons lovely Girlfriend Danni gave me.
This is the top it's from H & M and was £12.99.

And these are the jeggings. She designs jeans for the majority of the biggest retailers out there and these are one of her first designs that went into production.
Floral jeggings

The pattern was all her own design!! Such a clever girly she is!!!
Shes not long started blogging herself, you can find her at
They are SO comfy, this is what the two items look like together.

My first sort of outfit of the day.....scary

Anyway you can get them in BHS for £20.00 (somewhere I've never thought to shop)
They are definitely coming on my holiday with me!!!! 

Afterwards I ran into Tesco to pick up a couple of items I needed and I saw this pretty little thing. The colours caught my eye as I was going up the escalator. Perfect for my Holidays. They had quite a few different colours and patterns in the same style but it had to be the floral for me I'm afraid, it was £12.00

Can you tell I like florals?!?!?!?!?..... he....he....

That is definitely it now......I'm not going to buy another thing, saving my pennies to buy lots of lovely French wine instead!!!

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  1. Lucky girl has a dream job! I'm so with you on tankinis! I love them but I recently bought a one piece - first one in donkeys years! I then realised why I like tankinis so much....the toilet issue! LOL! Nightmare in a one piece! Ax

    1. She definitely has! Yeah your right that's the only problem with swimsuits lol xx


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