Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Shopping from Holiday need list

I popped into Boots over the weekend to get some things that were on my Holiday needs list and a few extra additions

And from Superdrug

I also these really basic vest tops for my holiday

Patterend top from Primark £4.00
Pink and orange basic vests from Primark £2.50 each
Black and white striped vest from Matalan £4.00

And I also picked these two skirts up from Matalan as well whilst I was there.

Denim pencil skirt  £10.00 just a basic pull on simple skirt, great for just throwing on.
Blue floral skirt £14.00 (just love floral)

And one finally thing, as I was leaving this caught my eye as I was passing through Debenhams on the way home

My Husband says I'm like a Magpie with shiny things!!! A bargain at just £5

That's about it really till next week when I just need to get a couple more bits then that will be it

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