Thursday, 4 July 2013

Table re-vamp project

I don't know if anyone can remember the little side table I got from a car boot last month? Well I finally got around to actually doing something with it.

This was how it originally looked
This is how I did it

First I removed the little claw feet it had, then a give it a really good sanding down as it had varnish on it. Then after washing all the dust off it I gave it a couple of coats of diluted white matt emulsion paint just to give it a base.
The marks on the were from where my neighbour decided to water her garden and it sprayed all over the top but it didn't matter too much as I was covering it anyway.
I wasn't sure how this project was going to turn out so I went doesn't he cheap route as I didn't want to spend a lot if it went mega wrong. So I opted for a couple of cheap cream match pots from B & Q and this cheap matt clear varnish from wilkos.

After applying 3 coats of the cream paint I added this wallpaper sample that I also picked up. I just used to the varnish as a glue to stick the paper to the table top. This is how it looks so far. All I am doing now is adding layers of varnish on top of the paper to seal it, this stage may take some time as it has to thoroughly dry in between each coat. 

The whole project cost me hardly anything the table cost me £2.00, the paint and varnish cost me less than £5.00 and the paper sample was just a sample I grabbed from B & Q. I am really please with the results, I think the lamps I bought at the car boot will be my next project.

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  1. That's absolutely genius! Well done you - you're inspiring me to do something similar as you've made it look so easy x

    1. If I can do it anyone can, you should give it a go xx

  2. It looks amazing! I can't wait to get going again! Ax

    1. Thank you, I'm hooked now cant wait to get me teeth into more projects xx


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