Thursday, 1 August 2013

Holiday here I come........

As you may of guessed I'm off on holiday, our road trip begins tomorrow..............Can't wait!!

Looking forward to spending time with our family and very good friends.

We are off to south western France, near Bordeaux, just the 10 of us in a lovely little villa that we found on Owners direct website. There were so many to choose from. We usually go near the coast but decided to go more inland this time and see a bit more of France and its culture. We just adore France and its vast wine selection, its pâtisseries and of course its fromages!!!!

Unfortunately there will be no posts until around the 20th. It will be very strange, as it has become a ritual now putting up a post every morning with my coffee in hand. There is absolutely no wifi where we are going so no twitter or facebook even, just a complete rest. It will be quite nice actually just to slip of the radar for a couple of weeks.

So it's goodbye from me for now at least, hope you all enjoy your holidays if your off one, if not just enjoy yourselves anyway....he....he.....

Au revoir 

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So to all my lovely readers now and future, Thank you for taking the time to comment, I love reading them all xx