Sunday, 8 September 2013

A few cheeky purchases

I had to pop into Boots the other day as I needed a new body wash and as I'm so infatuated with Soap & Glory's clean on me it had to be Boots. As I picked this up they had an offer on for buy one get one half price.
Soap & Glory Clean on Me £6.00

I decided to get this as well as I love they're Sugar crush body scrub and this smells the delicious!!!
Soap & Glory Sugar Crush £6.50
I also picked this up as I wanted a really matt blusher for Autumn with no glittery bits in it at all so I went for the Natural Collection. They are so cheap and to be honest not that bad for the price.
Natural Collection in Rosey Glow £1.99

They also had an offer on for buy one get one half price, so I got this eye shadow as well
Natural Collection in Butterscotch £1.79
My other reason for going to Boots is I needed Hair dye to cover yet more of my pesky greys!!! and to pick up the new Baby Lips by Maybelline. Both were a no go, they didn't have my colour I needed for my hair and also they didn't have the Peach colour in the Baby Lips. So off I toddled to Superdrug, got my hair colour and found both of these, so I was a happy bunny.

I got Peach Kiss and Pink Punch they were £2.99 each or two for £5.00, cant wait to try them out, will let you know what they are like soon.

I also made a few nail purchases from both shops
Sinful Purple Diamond £1.99
NYC Pinstripe White £2.49
NYC East Village £1.79
NYC Grand Central Station £1.79

As you can see last of the big spenders!!! I am trying to watch my pennies as I'm currently on a decorating mission, I'm bored with every room in the house (I get like this some times, I know.....I'm weird!!) So I need to change things, paint, paper, strip and revamp just about everything.

Right........ I'm off to IKEA for some storage solution..............

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