Monday, 9 September 2013

Eucerin AQUA Porin Active Moisturising Cream review

I bought this on the strength of a sample I was given and the fact it is only £8.50 for 40ml. I couldn't resist.

Eucerin AQUA Porin Active Moisturising Cream

I adore this moisturiser it's so soothing and light. As you probably already know I hate anything thick and heavy on my skin and this certainly ticks all my boxes. I have very dry skin sensitive skin and this is just perfect for me, I don't think it work for oilier skins but if you've got dry or sensitive skin you should definitely give it a go.
It claims "Your skin is provided with intense moisture, even in deeper epidermal skin layers"
I have been looking for a cream like this for some time as my skin just seems to be getting drier the older I get, other cream have come quite close in the past but then the sensitive bit rears its ugly head and I have to stop using it. So when I found that this doesn't bring out my sensitive side (he....he...) I was thrilled. At last I have a cream for my ever increasing dry skin without any painful reactions. I got the one with the SPF of 15 as I wanted to wear it in the day, the only problem I have with it is that it's not anti ageing. But then again a lot of Anti-ageing are a lot thicker and then I'm back to it being to heavy (sometimes there's just no pleasing me...he...he...). They do have an Anti ageing range, maybe next time I will give that a try, although the price tag goes up with the " Anti-ageing " slogan to around £25.00 for 50ml.

Anyway for now am going to carry on and enjoy using this and stick to night time for the Anti-ageing.

As I was so impressed with my initial free sample I thought I would try the night cream in the Even brighter range, I will post a review soon.

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