Thursday, 26 September 2013

Shop of me

As you know I LOVE to shop!!! and I also love a bargain!!! So when I came across Shop of Me website recently I was ecstatic, as it combines my two favourite things in one.


Basically all you have to do is download a secure app (it works on Chrome & Safari browsers on PCs/Macs).

Next enter your email that you want to receive the sale alerts on

Then all you have to do is browse online at all the things you would like and instead of bookmarking them (I have far too many of these...he...he...), when they go on sale you will get an email alerting you......RESULT!!!! No more constantly checking on that favourite jacket or shoes that you have fell in love with but can't quite afford at the full price. Then when it does go on sale they haven't got your size......sound familiar!?!?!?! Shop of Me takes away all that hassle and disappointment.

About shop of me
"Were on a mission to help you save money. We index over one hundred of the webs biggest shops and retailers to make sure that you can find the items that you want, on sale, amongst millions of other products"

I love this concept.

There are quite a few shops on there at the moment but hopefully there will be added in the near future, surely it must be such a bonus for the retailers who are trying to get rid of their sale items quickly to make room for new stock. Would be nice to see a few more names on that list.

These are the retailers at the moment


So if your up for a bargain you should definitely go and check it out its fantastic!!!!

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