Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Shopping with the Hubby

I went shopping with my Husband the other day as he needed some new shoes. How boring are men's shoes!!!!! OMG!!! I'm so glad I'm not a man. And it still took him ages to choose a pair even though they all are pretty much of a muchness.
So while he was debating which pair to have I slipped into Dorothy Perkins and ended up buying this

You know me and florals....he....he....

I went for the petite version as the normal one buried me. It was only £16.00 and I got this ring too for only £5.00. Plus 20% off at the till.

Then into Boots to get a new mascara. I do struggle with mascara and their brushes (as I have said in my last mascara review post). So I opted for this one, I have got on quite well with Maybelline mascaras in the past, so finger crossed. Will do a review soon.

And as it was buy one get one half price I got this Bourjois  eye liner in Brun.

I've been wanting another Brown liner for a while as my usual brown L'Oreal infallible liner is driving me potty it's just getting so hard to work with its like its drying up or something. The black version I have got it absolutely fine it's just the brown.
Has anyone else had this problem with these liners? or is it just a bad one I've got?

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  1. I love this skirt, it's so pretty. I really like this style of skirt. I always buy a Max Factor eyeliner, it's the only one that works for me :-)

    1. I love it too Rachel. I'm hoping this eyeliner works for me, fingers & toes crossed...he...he...xx


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