Monday, 21 October 2013

Retail therapy

I went and had a little retail therapy on Saturday

I popped into to Boots to get the usual boring toothpaste, deodorant etc and ended up with these few additions

I opted for a few matte shades to add to my collection

I also picked this up as I saw it on a blog I was reading the other day from and I thought "what the hell", I'd give it a go as I am a moisture boost addict after all

Then off I toddled to Primark and picked up these two snugly things. They are just plain jumpers with three buttons on each shoulder but they are so lovely and soft I couldn't resist. I got them in cream and plum (not that it looks very plum in the photo!!)

Primark £5.00 each

Also from Primark I thought I would get a scarf for winter before the weather turns and they still have a decent selection, I went for just plain cream and I got the matching hat
Scarf £4.00                              Hat £2.00

As if I haven't got enough scarves/snoods I got this one because I convinced myself I needed it as I haven't got a plain grey one
Snood £3.00

So that was about it for my tiny bit of retail therapy, now back to the painting.
I'm on a decorating mission at the minute, I want to get my bedroom and hall decorated before the end of October (this may be wishfull thinking...he...he...)
So I think my next shopping trip will be to B&Q for paint

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  1. I love having a trip into Primark.......I never come out empty handed, even though I didn't intend to buy anything!! xx

    1. I do exactly the same every single time...he...he...

  2. Fab haul! I had a wee treat in Boots yesterday & got a few bits! I've been back in the UK for 3 months & haven't been to Primark yet!! I need to get there asap! Ax

    1. You definitely overdue a Primark trip xx


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