Tuesday, 12 November 2013

NOTD.....Sinful, Rise & Shine

I bought this nail polish last month and which claims to be a matte polish.

Sinful matte nail polish in Rise & Shine £1.99

Its not actually very matte at all.

It has tiny little specs of gold in it that give it a shimmer. I had to look at the bottle again just to check it actually says matte on it and it wasn't me going mad........ it does say it in very small writing. 
If it is a matte why put tiny specks of shimmer in it? maybe the name should of give me a hint "rise & shine"
Its a lovely colour just a little disappointing when you purchase it as matte and it clearly isn't.
I don't think I will purchasing anymore colours from this range even though they are only £1.99 I suppose you get what you pay for.

Has anyone else tried any shades from their "matte" range?

Sorry for the amount of times "matte" was mentioned....he....he....couldn't be avoided really

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  1. Lovely creamy shade - I have read some mixed reviews about the formula, but at that price you can't really complain :o). Xx


  2. Such a shame when it doesn't do what it says on the tin! But I do have to say the colour does looks lovely on your beautifully shaped nails! xx

    1. My middle nails is mega wonky! Thank god nail polish hides a multitude of sins, my nails look awful from all the DIY I've been doing off late. But thank you for the other ones...he....he.... xx


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