Thursday, 14 November 2013

Something for the weekend..........Check mate

This is early this week as I am going away for a long weekend to Wales with Family and friends.....cant wait!!!!

Beautysets - Something for the weekend..........Check mate

Dorothy Perkins shoes £22.40 (on offer at the moment from £32.00)

Have a great weekend everyone

See you all Tuesday

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  1. I haven't jumped on the tartan train at all, but the colors of this dress are amazing, and something I would definitely wear. Great choice and a great price too :O). Xx

    1. I haven't either Charlotte, I'm not a lover of red tartan if I'm honest reminds me of 70s punk.
      I much prefer the blue tartan instead.
      Love this dress xx

  2. Replies
    1. It is very nice, I wouldn't say no to it xx

  3. Love the colours of the dress and shoes. Great choices. Have a lovely weekend :-) xx

  4. I thought it was an outfit you were going to wear to Wales! I live in North Wales and its bloody cold here and that dress just wouldn't keep you warm enough......think long padded coat and scarf!! lol!

    1. Your right there lol
      need me thermals and a rain coat as were going near Snowdonia and it always rains when we go xx

  5. The tartan on that dress is so good looking.......I may just have to "check" it out, purely for research purposes of course!! P.s. Have a lovely weekend! xx


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