Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Venturing out

As I said in my previous post I haven't been very well the past week but today I actually ventured out. Not very far mind you and not anywhere very exciting either, only to Tesco to get some milk.

But whilst in there I ended up picking this up as I've heard so much about it and I thought I would give it a go. I usually go high end on foundation as I like to have a good base but I thought as this one has had so many great reviews I would see for myself what all the fuss is about. I got it in (100) Ivory its probably just a little bit too pale for me but I can just about get away with it at this time of year.

Rimmel Wake me up Foundation £5.00
Will keep you posted how it goes.

Also whilst in Tesco I ventured into the Christmas section and ended up picking these up, not that I actually need anymore Christmas lights it was just the fact that I thought they looked cute and they were only £6.00. 
Berry lights
Don't know where I'm going to put them!!!!

I also got these
Mini crackers

I thought these would be good to crack open on Christmas eve as I have quite a few family staying over for Christmas this year and it solves the whose glass is whose problem and adds a bit fun to our Christmas eve festivities. They were £4.00

That's about it for my ever so small and quite mundane shopping trip...he...he... I'm hopefully going proper shopping on Wednesday (I cant wait!!! I have been going a little bit stir crazy being stuck in doors!!!) So hopefully normal service will resume soon, apologies for the poor (and somewhat sparse) postings over the past week or so.

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  1. Keep us posted on the foundation. Hope you feel better soon xx

  2. Very interested to know how you get on with the foundation - I'm in SUCH a make up rutt (it's shameful)

    1. I will let you know, fingers crossed its as good as they say especially for its price xx

  3. Hi there! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  4. I've been meaning to try the Rimmel Wake Me Up - look forward to hearing how you get on! Hope you're feeling better - still feeling completely run down myself and the blogging is suffering! xx

    1. Its this weather Jenny it just cant make its mind up what its doing, its just making everyone come down with colds etc. Hope you feel better soon too xx


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