Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas eve "The Elves box"

Every year I do a Christmas eve box for my grandchildren

They think that Santa's elves bring it to the children who have been good.

I start of with a plain old box and cover it in paper

This year I added PJ's as I had seen it somewhere on a blog, cant remember where, think old age is kicking in with my memory....he....he....
Since then I've heard of quite a few people who give PJ's on Christmas eve as a tradition, I think its a lovely idea.

 So this is what I put inside this year

Two onesies (had to be Minnie Mouse for the youngest, shes obsessed!!)
A smurfs DVD (another obsession)
Gingerbread biscuits
Hot chocolate drinks with snowmen marshmallows (of course)
A glass painting kit with two jar and two tea lights. I used to do this with mine when they were younger. They paint the jars to how they want and afterwards add the tea light, this is so that Santa can see better when he comes to drop the presents off. My lot used to love it when they were little.

 Add a big red bow and there it is

So on Christmas eve when it starts to turn dark I put the box outside the front door, ring the bell and hide round the corner so I can watch there little faces when they come to the door. They get SO excited. 

I love it........ kids just make Christmas so magical.

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  1. Perhaps you saw the PJ's over at mine, I blogged about doing Charlie an xmas eve box back in October, we always have new pyjamas but this year I put them in a box with a DVD and popcorn. x

  2. I probably did Sharron, have got a terrible memory!! I love doing these boxes they are great fun, love the PJ's addition xx


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