Thursday, 5 December 2013

My Black dresses........I wish !!!!

I have been looking at black dresses as even though its my favorite colour I don't actually own strange is that !?!?!
You would of thought I would of had lots but No, not even a day one.
So bring on the party season...... here are the ones I like, I cant necessarily afford some of them but non the less still like them....he...he

Black & Lace

Beautysets - Black & Lace
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  1. Me neither! A gorgeous selection although I have to say I was shocked by the price of the Karen Millen dress, so annoying when High St stores charge designer prices x

    1. And me, ridiculous price!!!
      Although its a nice dress I just couldn't justify paying that much xx

  2. The best part about not owning an LBD is that you really must get one, and you have all the fun of choosing.the best one for you to look forward to :0)

    I like all these - I think the nicest one is the warehouse embellished dress - its such a simple cut, and I love the neckline and the look of the material, but then they are all so nice

    1. I drawn towards the Lace warehouse one, it just reminds me of the 20's its rather flapper style xx

  3. Ooh we love LBDs! The ones you've chosen are gorgeous. You have very good taste!

    Our favs are the Karen Millen pleat dress, the Madame fashion pearl dress and the Nadine Merabi sequin dress. We're just going to ignore the price and appreciate the beauty of the dress! :-)

    Great post.

    x Roch & Tash x

    1. Thank you x
      I agree the pleat one is stunning
      Probably best just ignoring the price lol xx


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