Monday, 20 January 2014

Saturday Spa

This weekend I took this little girlie to the groomers, she was well overdue for a trim.

The groomers I use is called Happy Tails Dog Spa in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

The place is fantastic, its actually a unit that shes converted into a dog spa and its run by the lovely Amy. She is such a great person, she is absolutely amazing with the dogs. You can also if you choose to you can stay with your dog whilst they are being groomed. I've never been to a groomers where you can actually stay, which is great if you have a nervous dog like mine. She groom one dog at a time so its very one on one attention the dog receives. Liluu did enjoy having her blueberry face pack....he.....he.....shes such a girlie!!

Liluu was very nervous wherever I have taken her in the past but she is so much more at easy here. Amy makes the dog feel so comfortable and welcome, shes a bit like a dog whisperer.....he....he.... she is also unbelievable with a pair of scissors!!!! 
Liluu has had the best haircuts ever since I have been going here, believe me shes had some terrible ones in the past from other places. I've had such a hard time to find a good groomer as there are so many terrible ones out there, thank god we found Happy Tails 

So if you live near Bridgnorth and need a groomer you should definitely check her out, shes the absolute best!!!!

Whilst Liluu was having her pamper we took a walk around Bridgnorth itself. Its a nice little old town, it has a High town and a Low town as its on a hill. We had breakfast there and had a little browse around the little shops. And of course I ended up in Superdrug (what a surprise) I just cant walk past can I!!!

I actually wanted to try the sleek contour kit but they didn't have it so ended up with these instead

I got the shade Sin for Peach

I actually wanted the Revlon colourburst balm but they didn't have any in there at all  
so |I got this instead.

Of course I had to have the white as well....he....he....

I've never tried any MUA before so I thought I would give it a go. I got the shade 
English rose

(Sorry about the quality of the photos it was such a drab afternoon yesterday when I took the pictures)

Well at least I'm getting all my shopping urges out of the way for February.....he......he......

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  1. I've had a couple of MUA bits lately and found them quite good. The kids got me some lipsticks in my xmas stocking and they are fine x

    1. You should do a review on them I haven't seen much done on MUA.
      I shall look forward to trying it out, its a really pretty pink colour xx

  2. Liluu is gorgeous Gail -hope she appreciated her pamper session! The Glam Shine looks lovely. I got the MUA Mosaic Blush and Bronzer a while ago (it's on the blog but I won't bore you with the link!). My daughter has now stolen the blusher but I still really like the bronzer - great little products for the price! xx

    1. Thank you Jenny I think she did :) x
      I love the colour of the blush, I will have to go and check it out on your blog.
      Kids EH! lol cant have anything can we? lol xx


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