Saturday, 1 February 2014

Pre Frugal February Buys

This month I am going to be supporting Avril from School gate style 
on Frugal February (trying my hardest to anyway....he....he...)

So I thought I would show you these couple of things I picked up the other day before I officially start.
I had to get the Revlon lacquer balm before February started as this may of broke me ......he....he..... I've been after it since I heard about it a while back. And if I'm honest, now I have it, I don't know that I'm all that struck on it.

Here it is

I got it in the shade Demure and although I love the colour its very glittery, one of those lipsticks that when the colour has gone of your lips your just left with the glitter. I think I should of gone for the Matte version instead. I bought the L'Oréal glamshine balm the other week maybe I will do a comparison review on them soon.

I also got this which was on my "what i would like this year" list

I got it in the shade light, so far so good with this, 
will have to use it a bit longer to form more of an opinion on it.

Well those were my sneaky purchases before February starts. I think I'm going to find this quite hard not buying anything but I'm determined to do it. Sometimes when I go shopping and I don't see anything I like or want I end up buying just anything because I cant go home without nothing. That's probably why I have so many nail polishes....he....he.... So this month will do me good. I will have to go to the gym more instead of shopping (that's if my knees stop playing up!!!) Ooooo the joys of getting older (well in body anyway). 

So if any of you fancy joining in on Frugal February or any other of her challenges 
go and check out Avril (HERE)

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  1. I must say I wouldn't want glitter left on my lips, shame though as it looks a nice colour. Also hoping to join in Frugal Feb x

    1. Yeeeaahhh we can all support each other :) we will more than likely need it xx

  2. The lipstick looks lovely, but like you I don't like anything too glittery. The matte ones look amazing. I'll def have to pick some of them up! Xx

    1. I'm definitely going to have to pick a matte one up, let me know what they are like as I am going to have to wait till March now xx

  3. Yes - yes indeed I should join the Frugal February - but shall now need to go and find out more ;-)

    I like the look of the balm but pity about the glitter - I find that glitter dries my lips out so I try to avoid balms with glitter. So much to choose from though it all becomes a little overwhelming at times.

    Hope your weekend was fabulous and all the best for Frugal February.

    1. I know what you mean Wendy there are so many of these stick balms on the market at the moment it is very hard to choose which one to go for xx


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