Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Naughty Dorothy Perkins

Last weekend Dorothy Perkins had a 30% off offer on so I thought hey ho I've been a good girl lately and it was my birthday I thought I would grab a few things while the offer was on. They also kindly gave me an extra 15% off for my birthday and I got free delivery too......bargain!!!

Firstly I got these 3 dresses

  1. Paisley print dress £12.60 just love paisley print, should of been £18.00
  2. Plain black dress £11.20, should of been £16.00. Finally got a little black dress!!! my favorite colour and I never even had a black dress.
  3. Black patterned swing dress £14.00, should of been £20.00 but at the moment is reduced to £12.00, oh well you cant win them all!!

I got yet more Jeggings

Should of been £20.00

I also got this

Should be £22.00

But I'm unsure whether to keep it yet, don't know if its me?
Every now and then I try something out of my comfort zone, it doesn't always work though!!
Also because I'm only 5ft 4" its a lot longer on me than the model
What would you do?
I'm still ummming and ahhhhing

That was about it for Dotty P's

I also picked up a couple of things this weekend whilst I was out

From Matalan (as they had 20% off aswell)

Then no shopping trip would be complete without popping into Primark

Cardigan £6.00
It looks a lot more red on camera than it actually is

And finally (I hear your sighs of relief....he....he.....)

Yep you guessed it
 yet another scarf :)

So all in all I didn't actually spend that much which is exactly the way I like it :)
Happy days

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  1. I love Dorothy Perkins and New Look for dresses - they've got some beautiful items in their collections at the moment :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Try on the floral top and let's make a collective decision! It looks really nice and it would go with anything and everything

  3. A proper haul there Gail and some bargains or what! Those DP dresses are lovely. You'll whether the top is right I guess once you try it on and your instinct takes over! xx

  4. Such lovely finds!! I found a 3/4 length sleeve polka dot DP dress at my local Goodwill, thrift store. I have yet to wear it, but will soon! It is perfect!

    1. I think 3/4 length sleeves are just great for this time of the year xx

  5. That certainly is a haul post, great bargains x

  6. What a great shopping spree you've had. You have got some lovely items to wear. Love your new scarf. xx

    1. I sure did :) you cant beat a good shopping spree :) xx

  7. Didn't you do well......I really like that tunic top, but I always go with my heart, and if unsure you won't wear it, so probs best to take it back! xx

    1. I was really happy with the prices.
      Your right about the tunic if I'm doubting it I will probably never wear it xx


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