Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Sorry there haven't been many OOTD lately been a little busy finishing off a few things at home. I have finally got round to putting up some of my photos up in my hall (its taken me way too long!!!)

Here is what it looks like so far still got loads more to add

I wanted all the photos in black and white as I just love them, they look so timeless.

I added a few buttons here and there for a bit of variety. I also made the S out of assorted buttons just to try break up all the squareness.

I also made this out of salt dough to decorate my mirror

After this I finished of a couple of other jobs that have been waiting to be finished

And finally got the Hubby to put my necklace holder up (I'm hopeless with a drill!!)

I'm so glad all these bits have been tied up now they were driving me potty!!! I can now properly get stuck into my Wedding flower business project. I've done some work already on it but I've still got a long way to go yet. 
I'm almost decided on a name, Its between
Fabulousso Flowers by Gail or Fabulousso Wedding Flowers by Gail, what do you think?????? I would love your input again guys.......

Oh and by the way a BIG thank you to everyone who follows me on Bloglovin I hit the 100 followers milestone yesterday, it took me a year to get to 50 followers but only 2 months for the next 50 it happened so fast, how weird is that!!!!!! Great though :) thank you all again xxxx

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  1. That salt dough garland is fab.

    I'd also go with Fabulousso Flowers, more versatile! Good luck.

    1. Cant beat a bit of salt dough :)
      Thanks Lisa xx

  2. They look great Gail. Best of luck with your flower business. LIke the first name Fabulousso Flowers by Gail. Shorter the better. xx

  3. Hi there!! Wow how pretty are these, well done indeed! xx

  4. The hall wall looks amazing! My friend used to make things out of salt dough years ago x

    1. I love salt dough its so cheap but effective xx

  5. They look fab. Looks like you have been a busy bee!

    Good luck with the business too.

    X x

  6. It looks stunning & I so want a family & friends walls in our living room! The garland is so cute too! Your house is beautiful! xx

    1. Thank you x
      I've wanted to do this in the hall for absolutely ages xx


So to all my lovely readers now and future, Thank you for taking the time to comment, I love reading them all xx