Monday, 14 July 2014

Mexico bound

Ever since we came home from holiday last week we have been looking for our next one
We like having something to look forward to

After hours of trawling through numerous websites we finally found one


I am SO excited
Unfortunately its not till November, but hey ho it will be here before we know it, 
I mean its only 163 days to Christmas!!!

Have any of you been to Mexico in November? 
If  you have please let me know below what the weathers like
That's my only worry
Were going to Riviera Maya

I just need to go through all the sales now to find a few holiday bits 
before all the Autumn stuff hits the rails :)

I picked up these couple of things yesterday from Superdrug

I can take just this little palette instead of one of my Naked ones, as I'm scared it might break

These will be great for my toiletries and the smaller one will be good for my handbag.
Saves me using one of those annoying plastic bags at the airport.

So roll on Mexico, cant wait :)
This will be our first holiday without any kids for 11 years
That will be very weird!! 


  1. How exciting! It looks amazing in the picture now time to get shopping! x

  2. Brilliant! Something to really look forward to Gail - it looks marvellous! Don't forget to share your holiday bits as you get them! Lovely colours in the L'Oreal palette! xx

    1. I will Jenny I'm hoping to go shopping today to have a look and see whats around :) xx


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