Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Eat your heart out finished

So last week me and the Hubby did this detox
It went quite well apart from just a couple of the days

Day 1 Fruit day

This day wasn't to bad, the only real issue I had with this day was I craved hot food!!!
As we could only eat fruit I ended up Baking some peaches which cured the craving
 We both also had a headache by the end of the day

Day 2 Veg day

We did cheat slightly cheat on breakfast we had a little scrambled egg
Today was quite easy as I'm vegetarian, the Hubby found it slightly more challenging.
The worse bit about today was not being able to have a glass of wine in the evening, we really did struggle with that and ended having an early night as we felt very very tired.

Day 3 Fruit & Veg day

Today was a breeze, the Hubby however was starting to have meat withdrawal.
For dinner I made a vegetable curry with cauliflower rice, which was surprisingly nice
We felt slightly less tired today and ventured to the gym, although I did struggle slightly on the treadmill near the end.

Day 4 Banana Day

Not a good day!!! 
Now I love bananas but I did struggle today
Went for a nice long bike ride to try and take my mind of all the nanas!!!
Went to bed very early that night just to get the day over with

Day 5 Poultry & Tomato Day

Absolutely horrendous day for anyone being a vegetarian
I had Quorn roast instead of meat
I could't even eat the tomatoes above

Day 6 Poultry & Veg Day
No photos from this day but today was better being able to eat veg again
I made a pasta sauce and instead of spaghetti we had ribbons of butternut squash
which I will definitely do again like the cauliflower rice.

Day 7 Brown rice, Fruit & veg Day
Sorry no photos again
Another great day
Veggie style paella for lunch and stir fried veg for tea

All in all I felt really good by the end of the week
I would definitely do this again for a detox purpose but I would have to leave out the banana day
 and also the Poultry & Tomato day
This detox has made me look at the way we eat instead of 3 larger meals a day we are eating when we are hungry which is around 5 times a day, but we have found we are eating a lot less and a lot more healthier.

By the end of it I lost 3 pounds and the Hubby lost 7
But we didn't do it for weight loss it was merely to detox

We both feel fantastic!!


  1. I've never done anything like this but love everything on the menu - even bananas. I just don't fancy the headaches and lack of energy days. One day I will motivate myself to do it x

    1. Maybe the headaches are not something everyone gets. The lack of energy ws only the first couple of days then it went. The most I had ever done before was 3 days, I was quite proud of myself for going the whole way :) xx

  2. Oh that sounds quite tough but a huge accomplishment to complete it

  3. It wasnt that bad really but thank you xx

  4. Great to hear how you got on! I'm definitely considering giving it a go! Lynne x

    1. You should Lynne, it helped my IBS so much it may just help you with yours. I also discovered bread and rice bloat me out SO much so Im going try cutting them out and see how it goes xx

  5. I would love to give something like this a try Gail but it would certainly help having someone to do it with! Well done to you both! Ax

    1. It was so much easier having someone else doing it with me xx


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