Monday, 15 September 2014

Weekend events

I had a busy weekend

Saturday I had a wedding booked

So I spent most of Saturday doing that as the wedding wasn't until 4pm

If I do say so myself it looked lovely when it was all finished

And Sunday we decided to go for a walk up Malvern Hills

We've never been up there before
the weather was very nice

the dog was absolutely shattered at the end!!!!

That was about it for my weekend
Hope you all enjoyed yours


  1. Gorgeous flowers and what a lovely place for a walk! Lynne x

  2. Gorgeous flowers Gail - you're very talented! xx

    1. Thank you Jenny.....I do try, not always sucessful though :) xx

  3. How beautiful the bouquets look, you are so clever Gail! I love the Malvern Hills I think they say you can see 7 counties from up there...that's on a clear day I think!! Helen xx

    1. Thank you Helen x
      Malvern was great, will definitely be going up there again xx


So to all my lovely readers now and future, Thank you for taking the time to comment, I love reading them all xx