Monday, 13 October 2014

NOTD Nude-ish

This is the first polish I have put on my nails since I split my little nail in half which some of you may of seen on Instagram. Its been very weird they have felt so naked!!! So I though I would go nude as it's very short. Its not this one its my other hand, this little nail is fine. I originally painted them all nude but it did look quite boring so I added a bit of colour.

Nude - Sally Hansen 220 Cafe au Laite
Brown - Barry M Matte Mocha
Metalic - OPI Designer de Better

I don't think this will long at all! as I'm not that happy with it to be honest it was just of a make do sort of thing as I was so bored of looking at my naked nails!!! Loving the Sally Hansen formula though I only bought this the other day.


  1. You are so lucky to have nails to paint.....I have tried just about everything to stop mine breaking, but to no avail.....Love the nude with patterns, very clever Gail! Helen xx

    1. MIne are not that strong either to be fair especially just lately xx


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