Monday, 30 March 2015

Pawsome box review

Sorry for the lack of posts last week guys, I had a very stressful week moving my Mom into her new home. It all happened very fast so last week was a bit of a whirlwind. She's all settled in now so it's back to blogging  :)

This came last week for a certain little lady........

Liluu was very kindly sent this lovely little Pawsome box last week. She got VERY excited to see what was inside, I haven't seen her that excited in ages! These cute little boxes work on exactly the same basis as numerous beauty box that around at the moment. You pay a monthly subscription and they send you a box full of goodies all for your pet whether it be a dog or a cat. Each box contains 5-6 products which include toys, snacks, training aids and hygiene accessories. The boxes are tailor made to suit the age, size, weight etc of you pet. They're are a few subscription options from monthly at £19.90 to yearly that works out to £15.90 a month.

Liluu loved her box

 Like I said she got very excited, probably because of the treats in there!!

Inside there was 2 bags of treats (or sweeties as we call them :) ). A cute little bowl, 2 very appealing toys that she ADORED!! a very informative booklet and a bottle of ear drops. The ear drops are probably the only thing she doesn't actually need at the moment, but I could see where they were coming from when they put them in as her breed like many others with longer ears do have trouble with their ears occasionally.

Would I sign up for this subscription?.......yes I probably would as shes such a spoilt little poochie......he.....he......

She still cant decide which is her favourite toy.............Thank you Pawsome for making my Poochie very happy. You can check Pawsome out here


  1. Gail she is so cute! I think our pooch would have his eye on her for sure! The ear drops would certainly come in handy here he's always having problems with his ears, they're far too big for his head! xx

    1. Your dog and mine would make such a cute couple! he is so adorable!! xx


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