Monday, 27 April 2015

InstaNatural vitamin C moisturiser review

I’m always on the lookout for a good moisturiser that won’t aggravate my very dry and quite sensitive ageing skin.  So when I was asked to try this product recently I jumped at the chance as I love Natural products as they are usually less irritating on the skin.

So far so good with this product. I am very impressed with the moisturising aspect it leaves my skin silky smooth but be careful not to use too much you only need a touch.

You will know if you have to much as it goes like this and takes ages to rub in.

It’s just perfect for my skin as it has no scent which as many of you know who have sensitive skin scented products are usually a big no no!!

It says to only use once a day for sensitive skin but as it didn’t aggravate my skin in any way I used it twice a day and it is working wonders. I have even been using it around my eye area which is fantastic as this is usually the place I get a reaction from any products first. This may be due to one of the main ingredients being Aloe Vera, which is great for my type of skin, I very often suffer with eczema on my eyelids but I haven’t had any since using this. I also the other day, stupidly, managed to get a spot of weed killer on my face whilst I was gardening. It flared up horribly, this product has helped no end, again it must be the something to do with the Aloe Vera.
I cannot comment on the reducing lines claim for this moisturiser just yet as I haven’t used it for long enough but I would say it is having an effect on my slightly uneven skin tone.

The only downside to this moisturiser is that it has no SPF maybe they will make one with protection soon

Have you tried any of the InstaNatural range? I now have my eye on a few more products in their range which you can get through Amazon. The range is very reasonably priced and judging by how much I have been using of the moisturiser it is going to last me for absolutely ages, so very good value for money, which I like very much!!!

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  1. This sounds great Gail! I love natural products too! I'm off for a browse! x


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