Monday, 18 May 2015

FOTD....yet more natural make up!

Here is my face for the is what I used

  1. Bourjois mascara  
  2. Sleek contour kit in light
  3. Bourjois colorband  in Brun dadaiste & Rose fauviste
  4. Benefit erase paste in medium
  5. Bourjois CC cream in Rose beige
  6. Anastasia dip brow in soft brown
  7. Maybelline eraser concealer in nude
  8. Maybelline master drama eyeliner in dark brown
  9. Rimmel blusher in Santa rose

I forgot the lippie

Which is at the moment my favourite Bourjois aqua laque in 02 rose on the rocks

As you can probably tell I like natural make up (a lot!) I amp it up for a night out but this is pretty much my everyday go to make up. I don't like my base to be to heavy it does nothing my 46 year old skin. Whilst I was shopping the other day I saw a beautiful young but she had that much make up on her face actually looked plastic, don't get me wrong it was beautifully applied but honestly her base must of been at least an inch thick! It was such a shame as she was SO pretty and didn't need all that make up at all.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Donna but it was just a good lighting on a good day, they're were quite a few reject piccys lol xx

  2. I agree with Donna - you have amazing skin Gail - looks so smooth and creamy! I like a natural look for everyday too - my pet hate is when young girls have literally drawn thick harsh black eyebrows in - there's no need! xx

    1. Thanks Jenny but it is honestly one of the better photos :) I agree with the eyebrow thing my niece is 15 and definitely one of those, her facebook piccys with her friends are very scary with all those brows!!! xx


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