Monday, 11 May 2015

Mini Bourjois haul

I love the velvet range of these so I thought I would give the Aqua laque a go. I think I probably love them more they have been my go to lippy everyday so far. I got them in the shades 3 Brun'croyable and 2 Rose on the rocks. I may just have to purchase the whole range.......slightly addicted!

Yet another one to add to my collection, I got it in shade Rose Tweed

Shades Atomic black and Up and brown. I love the formula of these they glide on so perfectly.

Another addiction of mine are these beauties! But as you can see I managed to buy one with a broken top, does this happen to anyone else or is it just me?!? I got the shades Mauve and Noir Abstrait

I have natural quite curly hair so I bought this just to see if actually works, I find personally Tresemme products a bit hit and miss.

Its that time of year again so I thought I would give this a try as its so quick.

Last but not least a couple of pairs of these for my holidays. I love Primark for cheap holiday shoes/sandals that you don't mind getting ruined on the beach. They didn't cost a lot at all I think they were both around £4 - £5 each, so cheap and super comfy!

I think I have a little obsession on Bourjois at the moment they just seem to have so many fantastic products out there at the moment and its fantastic in Boots as they are on two for £14, so I may be popping in for a few more of those lippies very soon........he......he.......


  1. Well I don't know where to start Gail! I've just bought a couple of Bourjois matte lippies - loving them so far! I also got the Tresemme 7 day straight a while ago but not got round to using it yet! I'll have to get hold of the Bourjois eyeliners - I'm addicted to eyeliners! x

    1. There great aren't they!! you should definitely give the eyeliners a go Jenny xx


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