Thursday, 18 June 2015

A summer essential......Smartsun wristbands

Well the weather is definitely looking as little more like summer just lately! Finally!!! I thought it was never going to arrive.
As we all know safety in the sun is paramount! I have recently stumbled across these genius little Smartsun wristbands*. They take all the worry out of when to apply your sun cream so you know exactly if you're protected or not. These are just absolutely perfect for little ones with their delicate skin.

They start out yellow, you then apply your sun cream making sure you also apply it to the band as well. Then go off and enjoy yourself, they are even safe in water. Depending on the UV levels they will start to change to a beige colour when it is time to re-apply your sun cream.
When they turn pink that's when your time is up and you've had enough sun! At the end of the day you just throw them away.

I think these are such a fantastic idea as I just HATE it when I burn even just a little, it is SO bad for you as it is thought to lead to skin cancer! which is actually the most common cancer in the UK believe it or not. Which is why I said previously they would be absolutely amazing for kids, as you can see at a quick glance if they are still protected against the sun. These are going to be tested on my two Granddaughters when they go on holiday next month.

They are available from* priced at £4.99 for a pack of 5, which works out to £1 per band which is nothing to pay knowing that your children are safe from those harmful UV rays. Very simple and very effective.


  1. What a great idea! I always forget to put sunscreen on the kids when they go to school! #badmama Andrea x

    1. I don't think that your alone on that one, its so manic in the mornings to find the time sometimes xx


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