Thursday, 30 July 2015

For the love of Shopping

A couple of items I have picked up recently.......

Tesco stripe top £10.00 just love the different stripes on this top
H&M black & white top £7.99 again loved the pattern...... I just cant resist black & white!!!!

Dorothy Perkins bird top £3.50 (sale) this fills my birdie obsession that I seem to be having just lately
Primark pumps £3.00 well why not for the price and they are super comfy, its just like wearing slippers out.

Primark PJ bottoms £6.00, needed some new ones as were off camping with friends next weekend and if the weather stays like this its going to be rather chilly!!!!
Dorothy Perkins jeggings £9.00 (sale), couldn't resist the colour or the price, they are supposed to be "capri" but as I am such a short ass they are full length!!

This is my attempt at trying to be frugal.............. at  least it has filled a little of the "shopping fix" hole I have at the moment.............he..........he..........


  1. Great bargains Gail. And £3 for the little bird top - seriously?????

    1. I know it was an offer to good to refuse xx


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