Monday, 3 August 2015

July Monthly favourites

  1.  Fat Face sandals, just love these sandals I pretty much wore these everyday on holiday
  2. Wayward Pines (Fox TV) I must admit I struggled at the beginning of this, just got so much better as it went on, looking forward to the next series now!
  3. France.......I miss it!!! Feels like ages ago though :( We went when the temperatures were way up. Thank god we had a pool as some days were scorchio!! We have stayed there before its a fantastic villa if any one fancies going you can check it out hereWish we were back there!!
  4. Dragon fly tea, green tea but Moroccan mint flavour, I've had this both hot and cold.....just yummy
  5. Striped top I only bought this the other week but its my new favourite :)

That's about all for my July favourites, strange! not a single beauty product in there this month.
What have you been loving this month?


  1. Love your sandals and stripey top Gail! I've got the holiday blues really bad - wish I was back in the South of France! xx

    1. Ohhh so do I Jenny, what the heck happened to the summer?!? already planning next years :) xx


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