Tuesday, 13 October 2015

InstaNatural Argan Oil For Hair Treatment & Elixir review

I was very eager to try this as many of you know I have quite dry hair that has a slight curl.  I was excited at the though of it helping to tame my sometimes unruly natural curl but I must say I was quite disappointed in the result!!

Firstly I tried the Argan oil on freshly washed dry hair, I only used one tiny pump and it sent my "very dry" hair VERY greasy!!! It was awful!! I have never ever ever had greasy hair in my life and I never ever want to have it again, I really feel for those of you who suffer with it on a day to day basis. Also that day I had left my natural curls to do there own thing, I was hoping that this would define the curls a little and just tame them slightly but if anything it totally weighed them down and actually pulled them out.
After this disaster I decided to try the oil as a treatment before washing. I put two pumps into the ends of my hair when it was dry them left it for a couple of hours. I then washed my hair. This product works a lot better pre wash but still on my natural curl it seemed to weigh it down and drag the curl out. So I have stuck to using this product with straight hair for which it is amazing for it left my hair feeling super soft.

I have used quite a few oils in my time but this is quite a heavy oil and not something I would use on a day to day basis. Maybe just keep it a treat for my hair occasionally.
Next I tried the Argan oil hair mask. It smells amazing!! It reminds my slightly of a chocolate orange. I washed my hair as usual then applied this like a usual hair mask, I left it on for around 15 minutes. Afterwards I styled my hair straight, after the fiasco with the oil I wasn't taking any chances. It seemed to leave a residue on my hair afterwards which I didn't like, so the next day after I washed my hair again, my hair felt a SO much better after the second wash. It was super soft and silky. I'm still reluctant to try this with my natural curl though as I feel it will have the same result as the oil in weighing it down. 

I don't think I would re purchase these products again, I do however feel they would be fantastic for someone with quite unruly or frizzy hair.

Disclaimer:- "I received this product for free for my honest and unbiased feedback"

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