Monday, 23 November 2015

Make up Revolution Mattes 2 palette review

I bought this palette quite a while ago and have been meaning do this review for sometime now but you know what it like!! life gets in the way sometimes!!

Anyway here goes ....................... I initially bought this for the fact that it was matte!! and it has very nice shades too, exactly what I was looking for in a palette. I was dubious about the staying power of this though due to the price, which is only £4.00 and I was right to be dubious. It didn't last very long at all on its own but when used it with my Urban Decay primer though it helped immensely, although still not fantastic.

With the primer it a good everyday eye shadow palette but unfortunately not for me it has given me a massive eczema break out on my eyelids!! I have not used it for weeks and weeks now but I still cannot shift the outbreak.......... it is a very bad case (hence no FOTDs recently)

So unfortunately this has now gone in the bin and I will just have to stick to my Urban Decay matte palette instead, that's when I can actually clear up this outbreak first, I just cant wear anything at the moment!! Has ANYONE got any advice how to help clear it up? its really really getting me down now, I've never had an outbreak as bad as this :( any advice would be very much appreciated


  1. Oh no Gail that's bad luck! I've no idea how to clear up eczema on the eyes, apart from maybe something very pure and natural? Such a shame about the palette - I have the MUA matte palette and it works fine with my Urban Decay primer - in fact I wore it to my brother's wedding and it stayed put all day with the primer xx

    1. Thanks for the advice Jenny x I have been using coconut oil and its soothing it a little but its just not clearing it up :( The MUA palette sounds far far superior to the Revolution one xx


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