Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

8pm and I have just walked through the door but I had write this very quick post to say I am still here!!!............just :) and to also let you all know that my posts that have been "non existent" of late due to working overtime will now resume after Christmas. As of this week I am working everyday up until Christmas day and literally do not have a single minute to spare. Roll on January I have really missed all you guys and reading all your wonderful blog posts, feel like I've fell of the world a little! if that makes any sense to anyone

I will try to post the occasional tweet and instagram post but that will be pretty much it until 5pm Christmas eve when I can put my feet up for a few days apart from Christmas dinner of course!!!

So as this may be my last chance! I would like to say to all my wonderful fellow blogger/readers/blogging friends.......... I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and I will be back soon..........promise x

P.S..... If you don't already follow me on Twitter and Instagram you can follow me on the links above, would love to see you all there 

xxx Merry Christmas All xxx

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