Saturday, 11 March 2017

Back soon

Just wanted to let you all know I WILL be coming back very very soon. I am currently in the planning stage of a blog re-vamp. After my last blog post I have done a lot of thinking and decided I need my Blog, I need you lot!! I have missed it all so much, my work has taken over for the past year or more but its now time to make more time for me and my blog again................

I'm  hoping it shouldn't take to long to get things up and running but I am going the whole hog with a complete name change as well. I have to really as I will be 48 very soon and fabulousso 40s will no longer apply so a complete change is on the cards. If you have any name suggestions please feel free to comment below as any ideas very welcome. I am planning on focusing predominately on beauty for the over 40s as I feel us more mature girlies need it. There are so many beautiful young bloggers out there who don't get me wrong I admire and envy enormously but our more mature skin needs that little bit more TLC . Unfortunately most of us cannot use the make up we used 20 years ago. So my aim is to hunt down the best products to see us through the next couple of decades

So remember any names suggestions welcome or anything else content wise you would like to see please comment

See you all very very soon


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